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Raggatron a.k.a. Kevin Edward Thompson currently resides in Atlanta Georgia and has been drawing since he was 8 years old. After becoming yet another statistic and joining the ranks of the unemployed, The chance to produce and refine his style has been given with the gift of unlimited time.

"My themes in my canvases are actually just by accident. I have always been drawn to 3 color combinations. Especially Red, Black and White. A Heaven and Hell theme started to dominate my illustrations and when I Finally learned to draw a good looking pair of wings, The Heaven / Hell , Angel / Devil themes started to take hold."

Raggatron grew up skateboarding at a young age and Skateboard graphics and Street art was introduced. In high school he worked at Coliseum if Comics (a big comic book store chain in Florida).

"Being Surrounded by art for 9 hours a day and being able to study the masters of the comic world is what really made me want to keep on drawing. I was only 18 and after seeing the work of my main influence Sam Kieth I was just blown away about the possible ways to use color and exaggerated lines. His inking style stood out so much and I tried to duplicate it."

Other influences range from Todd McFarland, Arthur Suydam, Frank Miller, Evan Dorkin and the like.

Raggatron moved to Atlanta after quitting the comic shop to seek new beginnings. So along with 9 other friends, he moved to Atlanta.

"It was the most liberating feeling to get out of Florida. I just turned 21 and the 10 of us lived in a 5 bedroom house for 950 a month. As you can imagine it was absolutely insane. We all were skaters and we moved to Home Park across the street from GA Tech. We stole a bunch of wood and built a 16 foot wide half pipe in our back yard."

During this time Alcohol and drugs were of coarse more available and Raggatron went through a sort of Ice age.

"When I was 23 years old. I felt like I had hit the wall when it came to drawing. It pissed me off more than it gave me any kind of enjoyment. So I quit..............................

for 7 years.......

Raggatron did not pick up a pencil that whole time... except for maybe when being on hold on the telephone and doodling on a scrap.

"I got married when I was 25 and divorced at 32. It was quite a learning experience and one I do not regret at all. I never really grew up. I think I am more responsible now and a better man for it... But lets be realistic, I will always be a kid inside."

During this marriage the name " Raggatron " came about for his love for Dancehall Reggae music and electronics.

"I started drawing again after I turned 30 and at this time I still had yet to try painting on canvas. I always thought painting was a rich mans outlet. My good buddy Mike Russo is a fantastic painter. We grew up together and he was one of the drunken 10 that made the move from florida with me. I always was impressed how he learned painting. When I stopped drawing... he kept on going and learned it well. So one day i dropped 100.00 for supplies and found out how hard painting was. It was horrible.... and i mean HORRIBLE.

"So basically I am really new at this. Painting for 2.5 years is not a long time at all. I finally figured out that one has to paint in layers to make something look good. I have always regarded myself as a better inker than a penciler. I wanted to figure out a way to duplicate what I could do on paper with a bic pen and translate that to canvas"

The painting style Raggatron is using now illustrates that he has indeed figured it out.

"My ghostly white characters with my black line work over my red and black back grounds is my signature for now. I still have a lot to learn."